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Website Video Audits

Comprehensive health checks for your website.

£150 +VAT

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The Importance Of Audits

Website audits should form an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Regular audits enable you to monitor performance closely and identify any issues with your website.

If you are not performing regular audits of your website; looking at SEO, competitors and online presence as examples; there could be unknown issues impacting your performance and making your marketing efforts less effective.

Throughout an audit, a broad number of factors will be analysed including indexability, crawlability, site speed, security and more to provide a detailed report on your website with recommendations for improvement.

If you want to identify issues with your website and improve your online presence through a detailed website audit, we can help.

What to expect from your website video audit:

45 Minutes Video Audit

Honest, straight talking and actionable advice to improve the look, feel, and functionality of your website.

Focused Action Points

Videos provide easy to understand feedback and tips to increase your conversion rate, improve your messaging, and structure.

Security & Performance

Understanding the security loopholes that are open, dial in your on website SEO, and analysis of how your website loads.

We have carried out website video audits for 300+ great companies, and we would love to help you!



Based on over 145 feedback reviews

“37 minutes of changes into our audit, we have already noticed an increase in sales! Well worth the month. Highly Recommend”

Deborah Allen,
Decor Panels

“John has carried out hundreds of website video audits for our clients. Definitely a service that gets to the underlying problems quickly.”

Gary Ennis,
Digital Boost

“Our marketing manager was delighted with the audit. We will be in touch shortly to start looking into implementing the changes.”

Adam Davidson,

How Websites Video Audits Work

Focusing on What Matters

We are very attuned to the areas that drive website performance, and when we benchmark your website we don’t just run an automated scan, we manually check and carry out detailed analysis, in front of you on a live video recording of the consultants screen.

Live Screen Recording

Having a video is the perfect reference source for this activity, you have the option of playing through, or jumping to specific sections. Many clients will carry out the changes themselves, use a freelancer or can engage with Hybrid Anchor to make the fixes needed.

Straight Talking Consultancy

We pride ourselves on having excellent communication and aftercare. We offer a straight talking audit in the strictest confidence. Every audit has a 30 minutes post discussion over zoom or google hangouts to answer any questions you or your team had about the findings.

Who are Video Audits for?

Website Video Audits are for you if you:


Want to learn what is holding your business website back


Just had a redesign and want to sense check all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.


Haven’t looked at the website in a while and know that it is lacking in sales, contact, engagement or SEO

Still have questions?

My website’s not showing up on Google, will a website video audit help identify that?

That’s a great point, and yes audits will help identify what issues are contributing to poor ranking. As well as give you great easy to action tips to improve your position with what you have.

What if you don’t find anything wrong with my website?

In over 300+ Website Video Audits we have yet to find a business or website that couldn’t make improvements to enhance their websites security, speed or overall performance. However, if we discovered that you had the perfect website, we would be happy to give you a full refund.

Are there not FREE audits out there?

Free audits are generally the simple things that machines can scan for, you’re never going to be able to substitute an experienced consultant looking through your website though. We have built, designed, planned, and audited thousands of websites over our careers and that is where we see the true value, knowing what not to do, but more importantly communicating that to you in an easy to follow way which allows you to make the improvements.

Who carries out the audits?

All audits are carried out by John Loudon. John has delivered over 1000 hours of consultancy in just the past four years for 1:2:1 clients, his 18+ years of experience in digital ensures you are getting the best value and an attractive price point.

What if I have questions after my audit?

All audits are followed up with a 30 minutes phone call, giving you an opportunity to pick the consultant’s brain and get clarification on how certain points impact your website.

What format is the audit delivered in?

All videos are delivered as a full high definition video saved out as a mp4. This is yours to keep.

How long will it take you to audit my website?

Remember all audits are delivered by John, and for that reason, we currently limit audits to just 10 per week, this is to ensure we deliver your website video audit in the same week you ordered. In a rush, just select fast track when you purchase and we will prioritise your audit at the top of the queue for that week.

At Hybrid Anchor, we offer a value led, risk free approach to web design

Website Video Audits are invaluable, but they take time and require expert guidance to be effective. If you think it’s time for your sites MOT, or you’ve noticed a big drop in traffic and rankings – we can help. We understand that no two site audits are the same – so we’ll tailor yours to suit your goals.

or call 0141 6486 999 to talk to us about auditing your site today.