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Power Link Digital’s mission is to change the face of advertising with the latest Bluetooth technology. Their new Bluetooth beacon targets smartphones within the proximity, allowing for smarter advertising. For the first time, people are able to interact with traditional advertising and have a unique experience with each advert. Power Link Digital approached Hybrid Anchor as they wanted to upgrade their brand materials to reflect their emerging company.


Before starting the project, we took an in-depth look at the business. It was important for us to get to know Power Link Digital intimately to best understand their business needs and how to take the project forward. We looked at elements like brand proposition, the assets that were used and how the business was making money. We then made a plan to enhance the areas that were already working for them and to improve where needed.


Quality websites take time and so it is often worthwhile to create a bespoke pitch deck that explains what your business does. These can be taken to meetings to pitch your ideas, services or products or indeed to gain funding. A lot of companies are now thinking differently about their presentations as they want to engage more with their audience. Around 25 slides were designed for Power Link Digital and have been added to as their business grows so that they can choose the slides that best represent them for each occasion.


Complex information and processes can be difficult to explain in words. Brand assets are visualisations of this information to help people easily understand. In Power Link Digital’s case, we created brand assets explaining how the Bluetooth beacon works, how the adverts are made and their functionality and how the advertisers use it. This gave Power Link Digital effective graphics to showcase the unique selling points they offer as a business.
Power Link Digital

“Despite the time zone differences, they are always available and
produce great work. The ultimate professionals!”

Jason Eng, Director, Power Link Digital


For Power Link Digital, we took the presentation one step further by building multiple prototypes of their product. The solution was tailored to each of their clients, which allowed them to interact and engage with the product exactly as it would be for them before making a buying decision. This has been a very beneficial tool for Power Link Digital – not only does it provide a great way of selling the product but they were also able to capture valuable insights and feedback.

Responsive Web Design

Having a responsive website is massively important to any business as the marketplace for mobile and tablets is huge. Power Link Digital’s entire business revolves around mobile, so a focus on responsive web design was all the more essential for them.

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