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About Digital Boost

Digital Boost offers mentoring, workshops and courses to help their clients understand digital topics better. Their mission is to help charities and small businesses with the skills they need to grow their revenue and be more productive. John, from Hybrid Anchor, has worked as a Digital Boost consultant in various different regions across Scotland. Through Digital Boost and other similar ventures, John has helped around 190+ clients over the last 4 years!

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is all about getting the most out of your assets. It’s about thinking how your social media, website, blogs etc. all come together. It’s the plan to make sure you’re getting the most value from those assets. 

We’re always thinking about how things align together. How your sales and marketing will align with your website as an example. It’s important to always be thinking about the bigger picture. 

With 19 years of experience behind us, we know what works. We invest our time in really getting to know our clients, what sets them apart, and what they are trying to achieve. 

We help with digital technologies and advice to make that plan and bring it to life.

Software Commercialisation

We get allocated to software and retail clients through Digital Boost because of John’s background and experience in that space. 

John will physically go and speak to people. He covers things like:
What is the value of your software?
How would we add revenue streams to it?
What advertising could we use with different features?

Hybrid Anchor has done software commercialisation for our own clients and for clients through Digital Boost.

eCommerce Consultancy

We also help retail clients. A great example is that currently, we have a client that is trying to sell tools online. Their problem is that it isn’t really their area of expertise. They run a successful business but the digital part for them is new. They are stuck with which stream to go down. Social media – are they utilising it to its fullest? PPC – they don’t want to waste money on doing it wrong. 

With eCommerce consultancy, John reviews what the client is doing and starts to dig into these niche problems that the client may be facing. He can then understand where he can provide the most value and draft a worklist of things that need attention.


“John and the team over at Hybrid Anchor has worked with NSDesign and Digital Boost as Ecommerce & Software consultants since the very start, great team to work with. The know their stuff when it comes to digital.”

Gary Ennis, Managing Director, NSDesign

Digital Skills Workshops

As part of the Digital Boost programme, there are four different areas; 1-2-1 consultancy, online e-learning, grant funding and digital skills workshops. 

Digital skills workshops are normally run in the community, where one of the consultants, like John, attend and deliver training on particular topics, i.e. Facebook, videos in social media or selling through LinkedIn. 

The workshops are interactive and engaging. Questions are encouraged as we want to help other businesses. 

John is really passionate about consultancy and helping people. He will spend the time picking apart someone’s business (if they so wish!) and giving them actions to go away and implement.

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