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About Decor Panels

Decor Panels are an independent Scottish company with over 15 years of experience in the kitchen and bathroom space. They offer high-end wet wall panelling to contemporary vinyl flooring and are more than happy to assist in home renovations. Their website designer had reached out to us to get some feedback about their eCommerce site. For us to be a fresh pair of eyes on the website.

Website Video Audit

Video audits are not just for direct clients. They can be useful for agencies, designers or freelancers who are looking for some extra advice for their projects. 

It’s consultancy in a box. We offer John’s two decades of experience and laser focus it onto your business. He’ll spend 45-60 minutes deep diving into your website (all recorded) to offer his insight and suggestions for improvement. 

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eCommerce Website Structure

When we were looking at Decor Panels website, there were suggestions for titles of product pages, however, as we have an inside out approach, we went straight to working out how to increase the sales for the client. 

Having built multiple eCommerce websites, Hybrid Anchor know what works and what doesn’t. Even the little changes can yield large rewards. In this case, Decor Panels implemented the suggestions made to them in the first 15 minutes of their website audit and they were already getting more sales!

Website Security

A common problem we face is that security standards are constantly changing. We run scans on websites and then articulate to our clients what those scans actually mean. 

This is fantastic for those companies who want to make sure their website is secure as well as performing well.

Decor Panels

“I was given easy-to-follow bespoke advice and solutions with options for me to consider. The no-pressure approach, passion, and professionalism of the team instantly made me feel like I was working with people who I could trust and they really were not only an extension of my business but added so much value and experience that we didn’t have in-house.

Highly recommended Hybrid Anchor. Thanks so much 🙏”

Deborah Allan, Director, Decor Panels

eCommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is super important. Especially with recent Google updates hitting these websites hard. You need the content, titles and design all working together to sell effectively. 

Unfortunately, most generic eCommerce website themes don’t help the issue either. They are not made to convert, they are made to be attractive. Even with the prettiest website, if people can’t find your product, they can’t buy from you.

Results & Details

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Are you like DECOR PANELS? Great value for money, when we start with is a Website Video Audit, this allows our consultancy team to review what you have and give clear feedback in a video format that you can play through.
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