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About BoConcept Scotland

BoConcept was established in Denmark in 1952, and today is a premium international retail lifestyle brand. After reviewing their current website with Hybrid Anchors website video audit, there were a number of areas identified that could be improved to better support BoConcept with their in-house marketing team. Working in partnership, we set out to redesign and build a fantastic new website with all the modern functionality for booking automation and showcasing what BoConcept does best. BoConcept selected Hybrid Anchor because of our understanding of building secure and effective websites and having the past track record of hitting that five-star design quality necessary for a premium brand.

Website Video Audit

BoConcept had seen that we offer the product they were looking for. Our audit allowed them to identify what was working (or not working) with their website. We looked at any performance issues, if it was selling itself and using the right calls to actions as examples.

During the audit, we recorded the screen and spent around 50 minutes giving useful feedback on their website. 

As a result, BoConcept decided to hire Hybrid Anchor to optimise a new website for themselves from the information that we gave them during the audit.

Digital Strategy & Planning

Before we start any product we sit down with the client and plan. In this case, John, from Hybrid Anchor, drove to the BoConcept to meet with the marketing team. Together they worked out the entire site map. This included what the call to actions would be and what would be on every page and its overall purpose. 

Once the plan was agreed, Hybrid Anchor summarised it and turned it into the blueprint for the new website. 

As a result, BoConcept could see exactly what we were building and it was all from scratch to suit them and their requirements.

Getting It Right First Time – Inside Out Design

At Hybrid Anchor we follow a principle with inside out design. The idea is to start with the main point of contact, in this case, that was the product pages. We then work outwards from that. By doing this we can focus on the important pages first before worrying about the other more visual pages of a website. 

We worked with BoConcept to do exactly that, so they had a lot of input in the conversion pages of their website. At each stage they were able to sign off on the work. We find this saves time and gives us all an insight into how the website will look.


“We recently carried out a complete overhaul of our company website using Hybrid Anchor.
Hybrid Anchor were fantastic from start to finish, and so accommodating and responsive to our weird and wonderful list of requirements.
From an eye-opening initial website audit, moving through to the design stage, the whole design workflow was really simple, easy to review and give feedback on.
From a technical standpoint, their experience and knowledge is second to none. We’re over the moon with our new website, and although it’s still early days, we’ve already seen a large uptick in lead generation since making the switch.
John, Ania and Desiree have been a fantastic team to work with, and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat. This has been a solid investment that we’re already seeing returns on.”

Sophie Irvine, Marketing & Office Manager, BoConcept Scotland

Booking System Integration

The problem for BoConcept was that their main purpose was not sales, it was booking in interior design appointments. They wanted a method to quickly capture the bookings.

We tested 4 different options, reviewed them and offered the pros and cons to the client. We always want to test that the features of a product are fit for purpose before making a final decision. 

The solution that was selected allows bookings to be fairly distributed across the whole interior design team. It also allowed for booking directly as well. 

The result was that it saves the client a lot of time and hassle as once the customer has booked in via a button and form on the website, a meeting is automatically generated in their calendar.

Fully Responsive Experience

Hybrid Anchor built a complete website from scratch for BoConcept. No themes or templates used here!

We looked at all their branding and guidelines and built a mobile and tablet friendly experience. This was a focus because over 70% of BoConcept’s traffic came from mobile devices. They now have a fast, modern and optimised website which works well for their customers.

Results & Details

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